Thursday, March 5, 2020

Did I touch a nerve? Readers react. Village officials attempt to hide their shame behind a green screen for all to see at our upcoming community picnic. Update of the bridge.

It is obvious that my blog posts get reactions, if not results. This time the reactions are merely reaction and avoidance. I was tipped off today (Thursday, March 5, 2020) of a frenzy of activity at Coral Reef Park near the area of the new pedestrian bridge construction.  My first thoughts included, if the missing permit was finally issued and, if so, are they trying to make some progress on the bridge before the picnic? But, alas, it was not to be.  The frenzy of activity is nothing more than an attempt to hide the council created mess behind a green screen. Unfortunately for our current village officials, this is not TV or the movies, so the “green screen” does not change what is there. Furthermore, they have run out of green screen, not having a sufficient amount to fully envelope the construction site (perhaps more green screen is on order).
The activity around the incomplete pedestrian bridge was viewed by readers of this blog who believe this action is too late, and a sad attempt to sweep this mess under the rug for the picnic.

The photos on this page show the site as it now exists as of Thursday, March 5, 2020. The prior posts (at bottom) have photos for those earlier days.
One big question (and a fair one): If this screen is simply to properly protect park users, then why has it taken well over 2 months to install it? It is just now marked “CONSTRUCTION AREA – DO NOT ENTER”. Why was this warning not put into place until now? Was this site up to our building code without the sign?
The tool box – past relevant posts on this bridge fiasco:
March 5, 2020. Palmetto Bay officials – acting as if “permits are for the little guy”: building a bridge without a permit – caught, now on hold, waiting for the permit. WTH (heck)??? Follow up on the issues.
March 1, 2020, This is no way to bridge a community. Both banks are a mess at Coral Reef Park as we near the annual community celebration.

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