Thursday, December 23, 2021

2021 Year in review - photos - 02 - road cycling. Spoiler alert - 4,000 mile reached once again

I enjoy road cycling. I can roll out of my driveway and have reached as far as Hollywood Beach, Florida. No need to drive to a starting point. It is easy to cycle when we live in one of the best places to cycle year around. The pandemic dramatically increased the popularity of cycling. This year saw yet another increase in the activity as it can be done socially distanced as well as outside. 

But for me, there were no big trips this year - no cycling in central Florida or upstate NY,

The 2021 B-day mileage ride
I did once again meet my annual goal of cycling 4,000 miles For comparison, my drive / mass transit work commute for 2021 was approximately 6,000 miles.  The annual mileage included the annual "ride my age (in miles) ride" as well as at least one (ok, maybe 2) metric century rides (62.5 miles).

Remember Rule #1 listed in the movie Zombieland: Cardio. I am fortunate to maintain my health - and I credit long term gym and spin class for my health, though since the pandemic, my activities are nearly exclusively outdoor cycling. Published studies have shown that cycling at a moderate pace for an hour allows overweight people with diabetes to halve their blood sugar levels in the next 24 hours. Even cycling faster for only half an hour can reduce levels for an entire day, but only by 19%.

Other health benefits include strengthening your heart muscles, lowering one's resting pulse and reducing blood fat levels. Research also shows that people who cycle to work have two to three times less exposure to pollution than commuting via car; improving lung function.

But let's  be clear - bicycling alone is not magic, like any exercise, a certain level of exertion is required for maximum health benefits.

And let's not leave out the social aspects - not the mad pelotons, but friends who ride together - fun times.

One such ride was the 12-22-21 "Holiday Lights, City Ride" where the group explored the local holiday light displays:

So on to the photos for 2021:

Above left - Coral Gables branch library. Above right - The Sahara, Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Above left - Hollywood Beach. Above right - Rickenbacker bridge

Above left - Virginia Key. Above right - Black Point Marina.

Above 3: More fun with friends

The 2021 year is nearly finished. I am looking forward to the 2022 rides.

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