Thursday, August 22, 2019

Not again! Our beaches have again failed to meet Health quality standards. Clean this up and promote clean water during Super Bowl Week.

Good Grief! Our Miami-Dade County is allegedly a tourist based economy yet our County Officials have allowed our beaches to go to crap. How many days has it been since we were not under an advisory?  The advisory issued recommends not swimming at these locations at this time as the results of the sampling indicate that water contact may pose an increased risk of illness, particularly for susceptible individuals.

We need ACTION, not officials who merely "sound alarms." 

We have the local health department and media to sound the far-too-frequent-alarms. Action from our County Officials needs to follow the alarms - which to date has been MIA.

So is it now required that we check both the weather and the pollution advisories before we decide to go to the beach?  Is this our new normal?: Child: "Mommy, can we go to the beach today?" Parent: "Let's me check first to see if the toxin levels are acceptable." Note the use of the term "acceptable" rather than clean - yuck!

See Channel 10 News report: Swimming advisory posted at several Miami-Dade beach sitesWater did not meet Florida Department of Health quality standards, by David Dwork 

VIEW THE OFFICIAL ADVISORY: The Florida Department of Health issued the advisory Wednesday after samples of beach water collected at each location did not meet recreational water quality standard. 

This is not acceptable and cannot be our new normal moving forward. Miami-Dade County must clean up our sewer treatment plants. Miami-Dade County appears to be missing the “treatment” part. 

I wonder if it will be clean up in time for the Super Bowl or will the national coverage (the big incentive for all the tax payer dollars we, the people, contributed to host) talk about how our beaches have gone to crap? We shall see. 

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