Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay remain committed to the most effective transit solutions. Participating in a panel before the South Dade Chamber of Commerce

The fight for rail continues. Cutler Bay. I took part in a panel today in Homestead before the South Dade Chamber of Commerce, General Membership Luncheon.

The main guest speaker was Alice Bravo, Director of DTPW.  All the South Dade municipalities were represented - Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Homestead and Florida City.

This was my turn to address Homestead/Florida Cities - areas undergoing growth and suffering severe traffic woes to get north.  ​There have been several recent Transportation Summits at the municipal and county levels. Director Bravo provided her update regarding the pending environmental studies by our County', as well as the different timelines of anticipated future actions.

We need rail, not a band aid. The ridership is there to serve rail.  The issues are first/last mile, parking and the fact that there is a shortage of buses to transport both those whoare riding as well as those who would ride if the County would deliver on the promises of the half cent penny transportation sales tax.  We have buses that qualify fully as "BRT" based upon what we observed in Los Angeles - known as the "Gold Standard" and aptly names their "Gold Line."  Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay remain concerned that there will be insufficient investment in transit - planning for 30-40 years out, not merely to cover the current County created transportation crisis.


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