Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tracking the taxes (GOB debt) that you pay. How much is being spent in Palmetto Bay?

I remain extremely proud of  the work of our Education Advisory Committee (EAC) and consider myself fortunate to serve as the Committee Liaison to the Village Council.   This is one very Transparent committee and has created a Facebook page as part of its public outreach (CLICK HERE). Information concerning this Committee is kept on the official Palmetto Bay web site (CLICK HERE)

Here are the links to the General Obligation Bonds (GOBs) fund improvements of our public schools. 
You can view GOB projects by municipality by visiting…

For the improvements scheduled for Palmetto Bay public schools, visit…/Palmetto_Bay.pdf.

We enjoy an outstanding working relationship between our Palmetto Bay Village with both our Public and Private Schools.

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