Thursday, November 14, 2013

Comet ISON update. Nearing the peak.

This is the month where we find out if Comet ISON will live up to the hype.  See New York Daily News: Comet ISON, now visible with binoculars, races toward sun for first time, reporting that the "comet of the century" is blazing a trail so bright that it is visible with binoculars now and possibly with the naked eye later this week. The comet is hurtling toward a close encounter with the sun on Nov. 28, predicted to make a 724,000 mile approach to the solar surface.

This comet has the potential to shine as brightly as the full moon.

We will wait and see. Comet ISON was discovered in September 2012.  This comet is thought to be making its first-ever foray into the inner solar system from the distant and frigid Oort Cloud.

Have you ever taken the time to ponder the wonders of nature? Comet ISON may just be a great family event to spend time with the family. 4 months. Plan ahead. You are going to get only one chance with Comet ISON.

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