Friday, January 31, 2014

Will poor lil Punxsutawney Phil do any better in predicting the end of Winter 2014? Reminder - Groundhog's Day is Sunday.

Forget Superbowl Sunday. The big money in Las Vegas this weekend is on what we will hear from Punxsutawney Phil. You can also forget the weather channel as we will get the REAL forecast this Sunday, February 2nd, as Punxsutawney Phil provides his wisdom on Groundhogs day 2014. 

Will we see a repeat of the controversy of 2013 when many accused poor lil Punxsutawney Phil of fraud or incompetence in his prediction.  He promised an early end to winter in 2013, but that is not what we had.  Many are looking for early relief this year so the pressure is on you Phil!

HISTORY: 1886 is the first recorded or
official Groundhog Day and was celebrated on February 2nd in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. The following year, an official ceremony was held at Gobbler’s Knob and “Phil” was named and proclaimed the one and only official weather predicting groundhog.

This is quite an annual event. The population of
Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is normally 6,700 residents. The record attendance for a single Groundhog Day event is reported to be 38,000.00.

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