Friday, January 17, 2014

Update - one must ask in order to receive. Council Special Meeting agenda now promised to be posted by end of today.

There have been two updates from the village since my noon post concerning the special council meeting that I released at noon today:

First is that the meeting has suddenly been changed from Wednesday, January 22, to Thursday, January 23.  Why?  Is this date to accommodate anyone or does this change of date exclude the participation of any member of the village council.

There is no explanation, only:
Please note: date of January Special Council Meeting has been changed to Jan. 23 (not Jan. 22).
Second, The village staff has promised that an agenda will be made available for the public as posted on the village Facebook page at approximately 3:00 PM.
Village of Palmetto Bay Agenda to be posted on the Village website before end of business today...

I am looking forward to viewing the agenda.


  1. The agenda is up Gene. Take a look. There is a lot of money being spent. Thanks for pushing for transparency.

  2. You should not have to ask. This is a tactic of someone with something to hide.