Friday, January 31, 2014

Nothing we did not suspect. WASHINGTON: Fossils of Neanderthal DNA clump in human genome

WASHINGTON: Fossils of Neanderthal DNA clump in human genome - Politics Wires - Miami

The truth may be closer than you think.  Recent reports (as reported in the Miami Herald, link to article above) report that many of the genes that help determine most people's skin and hair are more Neanderthal than not, according to two new studies that look at the DNA fossils hidden in the modern human genome.

So think twice before you call your knuckle dragging friend a "Neanderthal" as the truth may hurt.  You may also want to look at yourself in the mirror before you cast that aspersion.

The reports go on to reveal that: About 50,000 years ago, modern day humans migrated out of Africa north to Europe and East Asia and met up with furrow-browed Neanderthals that had been in the colder climates for more than 100,000 years. Some of the two species mated. And then the Neanderthals died off as a species — except for what's left inside of us.

Scientists isolated the parts of the modern human genetic blueprint that still contain Neanderthal remnants.

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