Monday, January 13, 2014

Fun Time at the Pinecrest Art Show

Alexandra and I had a great time this weekend. Part of the activities included taking in the Pinecrest Art Show. We picked up a new piece for the backyard oasis:
It is always interesting to meet people who do the art tour. Obviously the winter starts in South Florida, long before the northern local weather allows for outdoor event.  Our current addition is from an artist from Noblesville, Indiana.
She was very happy to be down south.  For those who did not take notice, the State of Indiana was shutdown due to the polar vortex deep freeze last week.  No school, no work, everything, was shut down Monday and Tuesday last week.

We are happy you and your fellow artisans graced us with your presence this weekend in Pinecrest.  Thank you. We will put your creation to good use. 

Next up: 37th Annual Art Deco Weekend, Miami Beach - Art Deco District/South Beach, Jan 17 - Jan 19, and Beaux Arts, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, Jan 18 & 19

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