Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jut for fun - Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Let's lighten up for a while, even if just for today. Read up on Squirrel Appreciation Day,

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day
Please take some time out of your first day back to work post holiday weekend to read:
In honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day on Jan. 21, here are 21 noteworthy facts about these ubiquitous and opportunistic rodents.

By Russell McLendon, Eco-journalist, who writes: 
Squirrels get lots of attention from humans, but not always much appreciation. We tend to dwell on the stolen birdseed or the occupied attics, but squirrels have a long, mostly harmless — and often entertaining — history of living in our midst.

History (from the article)
That's the focus of Squirrel Appreciation Day, founded in 2001 by North Carolina wildlife rehabilitator Christy McKeown. Squirrels are widespread and widely beloved, and despite their penchant for mischief, they generally avoid the severe scorn we hold for other semi-urban animals like rats, pigeons and opossums.

Squirrel Appreciation Day is Jan. 21 every year, and much like Elephant Appreciation Day, it's pretty decentralized. As McKeown explains on her website, "while there are no official events scheduled, you can help celebrate by putting out extra food for the squirrels." She also warns, though, that "too many treats will lead to health problems." (And feeding any wild animal on a regular basis could make it dependent.)

I suggest that for just one day, take a bag of peanuts to Coral Reef Park in Palmetto Bay and "go nuts" with our local wildlife.

Ignore the sign, have some fun in a town currently with a government that has been wrapped a little to tight lately.

(and no, the sign and the impromptu "no feed" rule was not put in place during my time as mayor)

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  1. There seems to be a rule for everything in Palmetto Bay. When I voted for incorporation, I did not know we were converting our community into a single giant condo board.