Monday, January 20, 2014

Why was the meeting changed? Was it to ensure that a Downtown Redevelopment Task Force watchdog could not attend?

I was presented with the allegation that the Special Council meeting was deliberately changed from a date that all members of the council previously indicated that they all could attend (Wednesday, 1/22/14) to a new date (Thursday, 1/23/14), a date that Vice Mayor John Dubois previously advised that he was unable to attend.

Was the meeting date really changed to ensure that a Downtown Redevelopment Task Force watchdog could not attend?

This is a developing story, but I want to present a bit of a teaser on it, as so much happens behind the scenes when I post an article shedding light upon the inner workings of this current Mayor and Council.  I am working on fact checking, that is if the mayor and other council members will bother to respond to a public records request that I am working on.

So why the first date changed, when it is assumed that all members of the council confirmed their availability.  What changed? Was it to exclude John Dubois who has been the leading member of the village council questioning the process and seeking compete answers before spending money? (see: Vice Mayor DuBois questions redevelopment plans, by Gail Shivel)

The answer is contained in an e-mail someone mysteriously dropped off for me. This email was sent out at 1:53 PM, Friday, January 17, 2014, before the agenda was even posted, and states the following:
Good afternoon:

Based upon Council’s schedules, Mayor Stanczyk has decided that the preferable date for the Special Council Meeting is January 23rd at 7 pm.
We will revise the notice and schedule accordingly.  Thank you.
The answer to the first question, who changed this meeting, is Mayor Stanczyk per the clear and unequivocal language of this e-mail.Obviously the schedules of each and every council members was reviewed by the mayor and based, thereupon, a revised date was chosen.

The important question here is why isn't it important enough to hold this special meeting on a night everyone can attend, if these items so important that they need a special council meeting?

There is also a leadership issue here. Shouldn't Mayor Stanczyk be accommodating her fellow council members if she is trying to build consensus and develop support for this major redevelopment project? It is simple government 101 that you create divisions and ill-will amongst peers when you begin excluding fellow members of the council from participating.

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  1. Mayor Stanczyk's behavior is orchestrated as part of the ongoing DRTF railroading. Facts be damned, full spead ahead. It is detailed in South Dade Matters