Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good News pet hero stories of 2013 –

Let's start 2014 by looking back at some positive stories where pets saved their owners, trainers, children, even other dogs.  Check out the stories, photos and videos reported in 5 tales of amazing dog heroics, by CNN Staff.  CNN reports in this good news story, include: 
  • One sacrificed his eye to save a young girl from a venomous rattlesnake 
  • Another alerted a couple that their newborn baby had stopped breathing 
  • Dog saves blindfolded trainer from reckless car 
  • Dog saves 2-year-old lost in the woods 
  • And, for the feline fans out there, there is a bonus: A cat hero! Man says cat helped save his life
Perhaps you can find the next pet hero hanging out at the Palmetto Bay Dog Park

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