Monday, January 6, 2014

Palmetto Bay DRTF revised boundary photo - thank you reader

I corrected the photo based upon a suggestion from an astute reader:
The newly placed (Palmetto Bay) blue line marks the southbound lanes of US1 - the legal municipal boundary of Palmetto Bay.  The red line was previously represented as the municipal border, but it should be marking the bus lanes which are presently one block west of southbound US1.

A simple count of the conceptually placed buildings (what could be, not what will actually occur) shows only 21 'structures' placed inside the current PBay borders. 32 conceptual buildings (many larger than what is within PBay) are located in land outside of Palmetto Bay. This means that only about 40% of the DRFT concepts are located within PBay, 60% of the DRFT is planned on land PBay currently has no jurisdiction.

This also means that the overall promises of the increased tax base are significantly diminished should PBay not be successful in annexing the land west of the southbound US1 lanes.

Take a close look at the conceptual model to gain an appreciation as to how much of the overall developmental plan lies outside of existing Palmetto Bay boundaries. This would not be an easy or quick annexation application to capture this outlying commercial tax base.  I doubt that Miami-Dade County would simply turn over this land without significant extractions.

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  1. Is this 'counting chickens before they hatch'?