Tuesday, June 11, 2013

UM finally comes to hearing Thurs., June 13th. What you can expect

Bleacherreport.com: What Mississippi State's NCAA Probation Means to Miami By Michael Felder
(National College Football Lead Writer) on June 10, 2013

Click the link above to read the entire article.  For those who have not followed College Football for several years, turned on TV or Internet news or read any newspapers - the University of Miami finally has its day in 'court' (before an NCAA internal board) this Thursday, June 13.  What can we expect from what, in my opinion, is universally accepted as "tainted" proceedings which has seen firings of NCAA enforcement administrators and investigators, exclusion of some evidence and the over-empowerment, a ridiculous granting of a public stage, to an admitted liar and convicted felon.  In summary, the author states that:

For Miami fans, the smart move is to simply hope for the best, hope that the NCAA recognizes this is a battle it cannot win, and to take its ball and go home. Hope that time served is the compromise. Most importantly, hope that the NCAA does not continue its crusade against the 'Canes despite the public missteps that have tainted the findings.

The NCAA is a strange beast. Often, none of its rulings appear to follow much in the way of a pattern. In the case  of something as unique as the Miami situation, this becomes even more true. There is nothing to learn about Miami from Mississippi State situation. But this Miami case is teaching all of us plenty about how the NCAA operates.

CLICK HERE to view previous blog articles regarding this outrageous NCAA v. UM witch hunt. Just for fun, here is a YouTube clip of how I think the hearing will play out on Thursday (WARNING - "R" rated language in video):

"I put it to you (NCAA President Mark Emmert), isn't this an indictment of our entire American society?"

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