Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hazard lights in the rain: the law explained to Florida drivers

Hazard lights in the rain: the law explained to Florida drivers

Timely reporting during these recent heavy rains. Please know the law. Heavy rains make it difficult to drive, but driving with your flashers only makes a dangerous situation worse. So there you go; driving with flashers is more than just irritating to others, the FHP confirms it is illegal and dangerous., Channel 5, reporter Mollie Reynolds reports the facts about driving in the rain in Florida in this news story: The use of hazard lights: The law explained to Florida drivers. 

In Florida, it is illegal to drive with your hazard lights. Hazards lights are for stopped vehicles only, officials say. The one situation where Florida drivers are allowed to use their hazards when in motion is when the vehicle is being used in a funeral procession .  

Flashers are for emergency situations.    

Law enforcement officials say hazard lights can actually reduce visibility making other drivers think you are stopped or stalled.

What should you do when driving in heavy rains? Channel 5’s Mollie Reynolds reports that (the FHP spokesperson) says if visibility is so bad that you cannot see, pull over in a parking lot, plaza or somewhere safe until conditions improve.


  1. Hi,
    Hazardous lighting When driving in a rainstorm and visibility is low, many drivers are quick to turn on a vehicle's hazard lights. One reason for turning on the hazard lights is that the driver feels that it will help another driver to see his vehicle in the rain.Thank you.

    1. James, you got a big point for this. If pull over to the road shoulder while driving on a express way, we might get killed by the vehicle approaching from the back which totally cannot see the line. Now what the law says? To put on the hazardous lighting or not?

  2. AnonymousJuly 27, 2015

    Hazard Light regulations vary wildly per state:

    Frankly, this is just arbitrary and I highly doubt that " hazard lights can actually reduce visibility". That's just silly. Obviously flashing lights make it easier to see the vehicle in the rain: I don't see anyone arguing that the police are difficult to see because of THEIR flashing lights.