Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pinecrest Police e-mail alert - recent increase in residential burglaries.

CLICK HERE to read the actual Pinecrest e-alert. In information posted below in regard to protecting yourself and your property is applicable to everyone, not just those who live in Pinecrest.  Stay alert and be sure to notify your respective police agency in any event you notice or suspect anything suspicious.

During the past few weeks, there has been an unusual increase in residential burglaries throughout the Village of Pinecrest. The Pinecrest Police Department has implemented measures to combat this emerging trend. This alert is intended to educate Village residents on how to do their part to decrease their chances of becoming a victim.  The crime of burglary is a non-violent property crime where the criminal wants to gain access to an unoccupied residence with the goal of stealing valuables. While violent crime is a rare occurrence within the Village, property crimes remain a constant reminder that no community is immune from opportunistic criminals, thus even the safest community must guard against complacency.  Burglary often results in the loss of a sense of security; and when a stranger violates the sanctity of a home to steal property, the associated cost can be emotionally and financially devastating to victims.

Pinecrest Police Department employees do not take these losses lightly and are genuinely concerned about the personal welfare of the community and the security of every home.  The Pinecrest Police Department is committed to protecting the life and property of all residents and visitors. Pinecrest officers strive daily to reduce the incidents of crime affecting our community, but it is a well-known fact that the police can be most effective when the community gets involved. For this reason, residents are asked to report suspicious activity and to heed the following advice (click Read more to continue reading to the important tips):

 Sliding Glass Patio Doors and Windows
  • High impact glass provides the most resistance to a burglar
  • Use highly visible alarm decals and "beware of dog" signs
  • Keep drapes and curtains drawn when not home 
Lighting and Landscaping
  • Use programmable light timers to establish an appearance of occupancy
  • Exterior lighting should allow 100 feet of visibility
  • Keep vegetation low to eliminate concealment points
  • Exterior lights should be turned off during the day 
Alarm Systems/Security Cameras
  • Activate alarm systems every time you leave your home
  • Alarm systems should have an audible horn/siren to be effective
  • Alarm systems should be registered with the Police Department
  • Security cameras should be visible to the potential burglar
  • Camera recording device should be hidden within the residence 
Securing Valuables
  • Do not keep jewelry or other valuables in the master bedroom
  • Consider a bank safe deposit box for jewelry used infrequently
  • Consider a quality safe installed by a reputable company and hidden from view 
For more information on how to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime, how to start a neighborhood crime watch or to have a security survey conducted at your residence, please contact the Pinecrest Police Crime Prevention Unit at 305.234.2100 or

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