Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22 & 23. Sun, Earth and moon to align for supermoon over a king tide - Florida -

Sun, Earth and moon to align for supermoon over a king tide - Florida -

Tonight is the night of the supermoon and king tide. And no, the World Wrestling Federation is not in town.  This is an effect of the summer solstice. The sun, the Earth and the moon will align this weekend to leave a supermoon shining on a king tide.

Rick Stone of the Miami Herald reports that the best view of the supermoon will be at moonrise Saturday around 7:30 p.m. in South Florida. See: Sun,Earth and moon to align for supermoon over a king tide

“The king tide is just the highest tide of the season and it tends not to cause great problems,” said Jim Masterson, director of the Ocean Discovery Center at Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. “I wouldn’t expect anything more than a few centimeters higher than usual.”

The supermoon is what we see when the moon happens to be full at the time of its closest approach to the earth. Because it’ll be about 18,000 miles closer than its usual 240,000-mile distance, it will be brighter and measurably (if not visibly) larger than the full moon we usually see.

I’m thinking that tonight is a great evening to venture out to Deering’s People’s Dock for this 7:30 event.

Check out Huff Post: SupermoonJune 2013: Everything You Need To Know About Perigee Moon This Weekend (PHOTOS): “Send us your supermoon photos this weekend!”: 

You can tweet your photos with hashtag #HPsupermoon. Or, you can submit them directly to our "Supermoon 2013" slideshow, which will be featured in our supermoon live blog on the evening of Sunday, July 23. We'll be collecting user photos from all over, and yours may be featured!”

Have fun.  Enjoy these celestial events with the family or just your significant other. Heck, maybe just venture out and howl at the (super)moon tonight!

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