Monday, June 24, 2013

NEW YORK: Hostess: Twinkies to return to shelves July 15 - Business Breaking News -

NEW YORK: Hostess: Twinkies to return to shelves July 15 - Business Breaking News -
The loud thud you heard earlier was from dejected speculators who had bought up the last of the original Twinkies and were trying to exploit them on e-Bay - See Twinkie hoarding begins! - Nov. 16, 2012. Marking an end of an era!  But in an outstanding reversal of fortune for the diet-impaired, the plan is to have Twinkies back on shelves starting July 15. I had written on the unfortunate, but thankfully temporary situation of Twinkies twice prior. 

As reported in the Miami Herald: Hostess: Twinkies to return to shelves July 15. And based on the outpouring of nostalgia sparked by its demise, Hostess is expecting a blockbuster return next month for Twinkies and other sugary treats, such as CupCakes and Donettes. The company says the cakes will taste the same but that the boxes will now bear the tag line "The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever."

Prices for the cakes will remain the same; a box of 10 Twinkies will cost $3.99.

During bankruptcy proceedings, Hostess had said that its overall sales had been declining, although the company didn't give a breakout on the performance of individual brands. But Seban is confident Twinkies will have staying power beyond its re-launch.

As for the literal shelf-life, Seban is quick to refute the snack cake's fabled indestructibility.

"Forty-five days - that's it," he said. "They don't last forever."

And the die-hard fans of Zombieland rejoice!As they know, one day life's little Twinkie gauge will go empty, just not in 2012, but for the foreseeable future.  So the Twinkie prospecting can end for now.


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