Monday, June 17, 2013

Current Palmetto Bay leadership strangely silent on yet another issue. Kendall residents oppose giant FPL power lines - Kendall -

Kendall residents oppose giant FPL power lines - Kendall -
Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and the current council appear to be hiding from important neighborhood protection issues.  Where are you Mayor Stanczyk? We need to see some very public leadership on these critical issues that will profoundly impact Palmetto Bay as part of the entire eastern corridor of South Dade.

I have written about this before, including last April, 2013: South Dade Busway update. Pinecrest and Cutler Bay are engaged in neighborhood protection. Palmetto Bay continues to ignore this important issue under the current administration.

We cannot afford elected leadership that waffles or waits for others to do the heavy lifting. It is time for this administration to step aside if she believes her sole duty is to lead the photo ops while leaving the critical and sometimes controversial work for others.

Three issues that deserve your public efforts or explanation:

The USDA location Fire Station (this is an issue that originally passed the US House in 2009, but let slip by the current Mayor) - also see  Nov. 30, 2012; A holiday wish list for the new Palmetto Bay council | Palmetto Bay. The 2013 Palmetto Bay council has a chance to go positive this upcoming year.: Where in I asked for "The status of two fire stations that the original Palmetto Bay village council worked with Federal, State and Local (County Commission and Fire Department) officials." Obviously I should have picked up from the deafening silence from Mayor Stanczyk that the news was not good, proven not only by the lack of response from her, but in the recent failed panicked rush to pick up a long-neglected project apparently on life-support if not now dead.):

South Dade Busway (see two links above to the April 30th article); and

FPL Transmission lines (See the March 2, 2012 blog article: Update on the US1 Transmission line fight. Pinecrest, South Miami, Coral Gables and Miami continue the effort).

What gives? Just where does Palmetto Bay stand on these issues? The public has a right to elected officials that will actually fight for their neighborhoods. 


  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2013

    You left out the MDX issue. There has been nothing from Madam Mayor on the ongoing toll issues.
    Mayor MacDougall has an article in the Herald today. Part of the article speaks to his dissapointment in the failure of other local elected officials to get involved.
    "I have attended the last two meetings where the board met to raise tolls, and I have been so disappointed by the lack of attendance by our elected officials at these critical hearings. I was the only elected official to watch the unelected board vote to raise the cost of traveling to work and to visit loved ones with little outside opposition."

    1. I did hear that the Mayor did have a letter prepared on her behalf, so there was a pro forma action. It was confirmed that only Pinecrest Mayor Lerner and Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall actually took the time to attend the public hearing live yesterday and speak on behalf of their constituents against the toll increase.

      Kudos to mayors Lerner and MacDougall for their hard work on behalf of their constituents.