Saturday, January 19, 2013

Palmetto Bay’s WBAY TV is now accessible for AT&T U-verse subscribers

Are you a AT&T U-verse subscriber?  Finally, the Palmetto Bay broadcasts have moved from Comcast to other carriers which will hopefully boost its ratings. 

How to find Palmetto Bay TV on U-verse:

Go to channel 99, the Local Government Education and Public Access channel.  Press “OK” and from there drop down to number 8 of 9, which is Palmetto Bay Community TV-WBAY. 

The full line up, 1-9, is:

Broward County TV
City of South Miami Comm Television
Coral Springs City TV
Hollywood Community TV – HTV
Homestead TV
Miami-Dade County Government TV
Miami Beach TV (MBTV)
Palmetto Bay Community TV-WBAY
Pembroke Pines Our City Television

Choose your city and click “OK” and you are there. 

Now you can compare programing and determine how your council and its programing compare to other local governments, including meeting decorum and quality of issue consideration, discussions on how your money is being spent.

For recent discussion on WBAY TV, see Palmetto Bay council starts 2013 with a long meeting, by Howard Cohen, Palmetto Bay’s new vice mayor questions some expenses, making for a long Village Council meeting. Discussion from staff at the meeting revealed that the current viewership is placed at 100 people. 

Palmetto Bay is trying to offset costs of the station through “sponsorships.” Hopefully moving to U-verse will boost ratings as sponsorship dollars are hard when reaching 100 people, far below what can be accomplished though newspaper advertisements or even direct mail for the same costs.

The Mayor and council have budgeted $100,000.00 for TV & Video Production, Page 94 (of 149) CLICK HERE to view adopted budget for fiscal year 2012-13.


  1. What a waste of time and money.

  2. 100 viewers?

  3. I watched it. It is silly. Better to view on the web site where you can watch the specific meeting on demand.

  4. Gene,

    Thank you for telling us it is now available and how to find it.


  5. Very nice, but the video sound quality is not great.

  6. Vice Mayor Dubois was the only one fighting to save village tax dollars. Very interesting.

  7. Why doesn't the mayor work to lower the building permit fees if she does not like them? What a fake!

  8. A real sleeper