Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fred Grimm: Python hunt needs a snake-charming queen - MiamiHerald.com

Fred Grimm: Python hunt needs a snake-charming queen - Fred Grimm - MiamiHerald.com 

Does the event really need a queen? Probably not, but it does need people who are interested in eradicating an invasive species undeniably harming the South Florida Ecosystem.  The snakes have three very high profile captures in Palmetto Bay.

 There are many different opinions on the upcoming Python Hunt. It is an interesting proposal. So much time has been spent eradicating local species. This is the first event designed to eradicate an invasive pest actively squeezing out the native animals.  A first year start in Florida to a problem with no arising viable solution. I therefore take issue with the comparison to the rattlesnake massacre, an event that removes an local species, the rattlesnake, part of the food chain and in existence long before man.  The Pythons in Florida are doing their own part to eradicate the local fauna. 

Please view my Saturday, December 8, 2012, post: I have set a new goal – Certified Python Hunter. Let’s join in the Hunt! Palmetto Bay has recently offered up fertile ground for such a hunt for more information on the event.

CLICK HERE to view the Toolkit: 2013 Python Challenge Competitors

Happy hunting.
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