Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What are the opportunities in Tallahassee this legislative year? Is there any desire for capital projects?

I am providing a short list of possible projects remaining in the village. None of these projects should be undertaken without substantial assistance either through grants / appropriations from Tallahassee; through Federal assistance or through partnerships/coordination with Miami-Dade County or neighboring municipalities. This council does not have to take on any projects. But this council can also evaluate, discuss and take their best shot in their Legislative Plan on our behalf on one, several or none of the suggestions listed below.

Disclaimer: The status, if there is one, of any of these projects are unknown. It is also unknown as to any support for any of these projects on the Palmetto Bay Council or that there are any opportunities for funding in Tallahassee. One thing is for certain, you don’t have any chance if you do not try. 

Here are some of the major projects rolled over from the intitial village council:

Funding through the Florida agencies for land acquisition; I am specifically referring to the purchase of the currently available bay front properly near the Palmetto Bay neighborhood branch library (5 +/- acres). Note that this is a critical item – Timing is everything. Community centers can wait indefinitely, but opportunities for land, especially providing public water view/access are far too few and far between – this property may be gone forever if it sells to another private buyer, or developed into something that residents may not like!

Note that the village council owes the residents the acknowledgement that this property is currently available and a public discussion of whether to act now or let the opportunity pass.

Economic assistance – Tallahassee talks job creation, but how about seeking funding that will allow Palmetto Bay to revitalize the Palmetto Bay “downtown corridor” (main street Program monies) – specifically the FT&I district.  This is also a great opportunity for the Village Council to repair ties with the EDC and for this council to start working with the both the EDC and Palmetto Bay Business Association. 

Traffic calming projects (circles or traffic humps): Locations – along Old Cutler Road at 136 or other similar intersections.  Traffic humps in neighborhoods where residents have sought traffic calming for the safety and improvement of their neighborhoods.

Bicycle lanes on major Palmetto Bay controlled streets – 82nd avenue; 144th street; part of the Franjo Road (SW 97th Av) improvements (Palmetto Bay has recently taken ownership of Franjo Road from Miami-Dade County)

Work with Miami-Dade County for Bicycle lanes on SW 152 and SW 168 Streets.

Work with Miami-Dade County for Bicycle/Pedestrian lane (creation or improvements) on existing bridges such as Old Cutler road at Snowden’s Point (174 – C100); SW 77th and 82nd Av bridges.

Participate with FDOT and Miami-Dade County for funding for studies and/for improvements for the US1 intersections at 136; 144; 152.

Seek funding assistance for the Green Corridor and PACE program.

Funding for facilities to assist seniors – possible funding assistance for a Palmetto Bay Community Center for senior and youth/family activities.

Funding for implementation/completion of the 5 year plan recommended by the Palmetto Bay Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan Committee (see post immediately below).

Is there any money available for green programs that have been running in the village such as for tree canopy restoration (Palmetto Bay has been designated a "Tree City USA" community for many years). The tree program costs money. Any money available for conversion of existing facilities to be more green compliant (and therefore, more energy efficient for our taxpayers)?

The list is endless.  I have only provided samples of projects on the table.  The issue is whether there is any vision, desire or support on the present Palmetto Bay Council to take on any projects and whether there is any money available to assist in the acquisition, study or construction of such a project.

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  1. No new projects. No circles, traffic bumps or even more stupid stop signs. Just cut our taxes.