Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. Another committee study, another book end for the Palmetto Bay shelf

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Report is another study that currently sits unresolved by the current council, much like the Palmetto Bay's Building and Permitting Advisory Committee Final Committee Report.  Review the minutes from the September 2009 regular council meeting.  I personally do not like sending people on a snipe hunt (also known as fool’s errand).  The study was completed through significant resident input alongside the Corradino Group as consultants to the study, paid for out of an MPO grant.

The study was presented at the regular council meeting of September 2009.  I made specific inquiry as to the following:

Q: Are any of the recommended plan currently funded?  A: They were not.
Q: If the plan was accepted, would it give critical mass to go forward and seek funding.  A: I was assured it would.

Despite the fact that current mayor Stanczyk takes credit for much of this plan, it remains another plan on the shelf and cannot currently be located on the village website under documents (as of 1/15/13).  The plan addressed safety and accessibility issues.  This report has value and was a project rolled over from the original council, yet no effort has been made over the last two years to resolve the 5 year plan. 

RESULTS TO DATE:  Miami-Dade County (not Palmetto Bay) completed the Old Cutler Bike Path upgrades.

BRIEF ASIDE: The Complete committee report accepted in September 2009 should be available online, without having to make a public records request.  All Charettes, Public studies, etc., should be maintained online for public access.

RECOMMENDATION:  Seek funding from the State or County to implement the proposals of this plan. Show your work. Don’t let these recommendations be the next fire stations, a project left to be completed, but ignored to date by the current council.

KEY RECOMMENDATIONS FROM THIS REPORT:  A spreadsheet of the project was provided (Click the link to view) to me from one of the committee members (I forgot to obtain authorization to use the member’s name and will follow up).  Care was taken to split up routes that are MDC responsibility from VPB.  Critical Co. infrastructure is sidewalks on the west side of Old Cutler Rd. particularly from SW 157 Tr. to SW 162 St. and from SW 168 St, to SW 174 St. as there is no way to get past the canals without crossing Old Cutler Rd. twice at locations where there is no light or marked crosswalk. 

The committee member also identified one more safety item that we should ask the Co. to do ASAP.  There is no ped. push button to operate the light at Old Cutler Rd. & SW 176 St.  Cars and bicycles with aluminum wheels can operate the light by rolling over the detector loops but there is no way for a pedestrian to operate the light.  The library at 17641 OCR is cut off from pedestrian access. 

I have asked the town to concentrate on the sidewalks on SW 176 St. to provide safe travel for peds. when people are entering and leaving Palmer Trinity School.

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