Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flag on you NCAA! "Roughing UM" Miami Herald reports: NCAA: Some information obtained improperly in UM investigation - UM -

NCAA: Some information obtained improperly in UM investigation - UM -
Has the worm turned?  Only in Miami and only involving the U, can the theater of the absurd take such a grandiose course.  The Miami Herald reports that the NCAA announced it improperly obtained information via the attorney of former booster Nevin Shapiro for the purposes of its investigation into the University of Miami’s football and basketball programs.

So now I must ask, who is investigating the NCAA for what clearly appears to me to be a total lack of institutional control over its investigation?

Shame on you NCAA! We will wait for your self-imposed penalty. Perhaps it is time for the member schools to reexamine their membership in the NCAA.

The Miami Herald reports that the NCAA dropped a bombshell Wednesday afternoon, Using phrases such as “grossly inappropriate” and “shocking,”  that the NCAA must sift through the information that was improperly obtained and throw it out – a process he says that should take no longer than a week or two.

The Herald article included this statement from UM President Donna Shalala in reaction to the NCAA’s findings:

“Since the University first alerted the NCAA to the possibility of violations more than two years ago, we have been cooperative and compliant with the NCAA and, I believe, a model for how institutions should partner with NCAA staff during investigations. In addition to encouraging current and former staff members and student-athletes to cooperate with investigators, we have provided thousands of documents to the enforcement staff.

“I am frustrated, disappointed and concerned by President Emmert’s announcement today that the integrity of the investigation may have been compromised by the NCAA staff.

Could this be a case where the NCAA finally got too greedy in denying due process and holding current students and fans hostage for the sins of those who have moved on a long time ago?  Enough already. Stop the charade! 

I can’t wait for the day that the NCAA’s actions become the inspiration for a new play, perhaps written by an Edward Albee. Until then, we will simply continue to read up on this painful matter in the Miami Herald.


  1. It was bound to happen. The NCAA is a club, not a legitimate government. They should not be playing investigator, judge, jury and executioner.

  2. The real powers of sports: the SEC, BIG 10 and ACC, need to get together and create an alternative to this farce called the NCAA. It is nothing but a farce. What do they do other than make networks carry their PSAs as part of the college football network packages.

  3. The "U" needs to lawyer up and kick some NCAA a$$.