Sunday, January 13, 2013

A village holiday tradition yields charitable results | South Miami. A proper thank you goes to the group that actually collected for the Holiday Food Drive

A village holiday tradition yields charitable results | South Miami
Correcting the record.  Click the headline link immediately above to read the proper recognition that Michael Miller gave to those who actually deserved credit for this wonderful community event. 

The Co-Owner of Miami’s Community Newspapers properly credited the Palmetto Bay Canal Association: The Annual Holiday Boat Parade & Canned Food Drive took place on December 15, its third year now, and donated a lot of food to the Village’s Holiday Food Drive. Kudos to the Palmetto Bay Canal Association and all the caring folks who gave canned goods and other foodstuffs for the cause.

The canned food was collected for “Feeding South Florida” (formerly known as the Daily Bread Food Bank), and participants in the boat parade were able to pick up canned food collected by residents who then handed it off from the canal banks to the boaters. The Palmetto Bay Canal Association is made up of Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest residents who are both users and stewards of the local canal system, and is made up of pleasure boaters, fishermen, skiers and even folks in canoes and kayaks.

The canned goods collected were presented to the village at the zoning hearing on Dec. 17. What a great way to have a fun holiday event that also contributes to a worthwhile project! There are photos of it all on the village website and on their Facebook page, so check it out.
I also want to thank the two council members who participated, Patrick Fiore, District 1 and Tim Schaffer, District 2. It would be nice to see all council members actually participate in community charitable events like Patrick and Tim rather than simply show up at the photo op to lead people on that they actually had substantive involvement in the effort of others.

You can read more information and view additional photos from the event at the Sunday, Dec 16, 2012, post: The Third Annual Palmetto Bay Canal Association Holiday Boat Parade held Sat, Dec 15, 2012, links to photos 


  1. Nice photos from the event. How many boats participated?

  2. Thank you Mr. Miller for giving credit to the canal association.

  3. This reads like one of your examples of bad leadership columns.

  4. Great work by Rainer and Noel Schael. Rainer for district 3 in 2014!