Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Ride of Silence – 2020 & Reddy's ghost bike – the stop on my modified RoS event

I completed my #rideofsilence2020 #socialdistancing in #PalmettoBay & #CutlerBay #Florida to honor cyclists who were injured or died from cycling related accidents.

Today’s ride was personal rather than the traditional large group ride due to the pandemic and the need to be socially distanced. The purpose of this ride is just as important and many participated this day in unusual ways including indoor and virtual rides.  My ride took from my home in Palmetto Bay through Cutler Bay into deep South Miami-Dade County – Black Point where we stopped to take a moment to reflect at Reddy’s Ghost Bike (pictured). The bike is located along the main drive through black point on the corner with the first driveway turn in to the marina parking.

I ride by the ghost bike often and look upon it as a reminder of Reddy and the need for safety on our roads. Reddy was killed 2 years earlier while training with a group for the Dolphin Cancer Challenge, a major charity to raise money for cancer research. Today’s RoS and this specific ghost bike for Reddy provided me with a strange sensation as we all are now meeting via ZOOM or Skype due to the pandemic. Reddy's parents, who lived overseas, viewed the April 8, 2018, event via Skype. A striking coincidence. Perhaps anyone who has access to Reddy's family information can reach out and remind them that Reddy is not forgotten.

Please #sharetheroad ... I respect you, please respect me, #obey the #3footrule #miamibikescene #rideEBC #bike305 #bikeadvocacy  #bicycling #GhostBike

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More information on Ghost Bikes - from

Ghost Bikes are small and somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street. A bicycle is painted all white and locked to a street sign near the crash site, accompanied by a small plaque. They serve as reminders of the tragedy that took place on an otherwise anonymous street corner, and as quiet statements in support of cyclists' right to safe travel.

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