Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day - 2020 - celebration in the time of social distancing

Enjoy this very special day! It will be a rainy day in South Florida, but don't allow that to dampen her spirit. I wish all of our mothers and grandmothers a very special Mother's Day.
As we honor our mothers on Mother's Day this year, I am filled with great pride and comfort when I think of all that my mother is and all that she has done and still is doing for me as well as her other children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. I can’t imagine where we would be without her. My mother worked tirelessly to give my sister, brother and me every advantage she could. She never stopped trying to expand our minds, our worlds, and our experiences. She helped us grow into the best people we could possibly be.
Sadly, many mothers never get the recognition they so rightfully deserve for all of the sacrifices they make. Sacrifices like going to bed hungry so we can go to bed full, working tirelessly so we may have a place to sleep, taking us to doctor visits, giving us our medications, our groceries, and making trips to movies and fast food places with our friends. Simple acts. But all selfless acts. What a mother does.
Mother’s Day is also a day to celebrate the warm and loving memories of moms who may not still be near but are always present deep within our hearts. Never far from us in spirit. And it is a day to remember the spirit and generosity of so many non-traditional mothers among us, because after all, a mother’s love comes in so many different and beautiful forms.
So don’t forget, your neighbor may be a mother, the cashier at the supermarket, your co-worker, customer, teacher and preacher may very well be a mom. Grandmothers, sisters, aunties… They have all made such an impact in this world … Honor them all, thank them all, and remember them all on this day.
Tell her you love her and show appreciation for all those years she has loved you back unconditionally.
A day to appreciate the loving presence other mothers have on their children, the wonderful things she does for them, and the compassion she shares so selflessly so that they may grow strong and know love and nurturing and sensitivity and understand

Happy Mother's Day!

Eugene Flinn

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