Thursday, May 7, 2020

‘Bikes are the new toilet paper’: Demand skyrockets as people rediscover bicycling - South Florida Sun Sentinel - a read relevant to both Bike Month and Coronavirus

Another in my series for May is Bike month - I continue to notice the increase in families - that's right - families - out for a family ride in our Palmetto Bay and surrounding communities.  Prior related post: Friday, May 1, 2020, It's May 1st. National Bike month has kicked off. Ride safe. Have fun. Kick off post. 

Here is a recommended read during this coronavirus lockdown: A great read for May is Bike Month - ‘Bikes are the new toilet paper’: Demand skyrockets as people rediscover bicycling, by Austen Erlat, South Florida Sun Sentinel | MAY 06, 2020 | 4:42 PM:
Banned from the beaches and locked out of the gyms, more people are staying healthy with a memory from childhood: a bicycle.
Stores from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando and across the country are sold out of bicycles as demand for new ones rapidly increased. Repair shops say they aren’t taking new jobs because of backlogs that will take months to clear.
Our South Florida communities are unique - on the coast where we benefit from cooling breezes with a year around climate that allows cycling 365 days a year. Why wait in a line for a sweaty machine when you can either gather the family or just solo, get on your bike at your home and find a destination such as Deering Point where you can look out on the water and otherwise enjoy exercise and time with family and/or friends.

Let's keep this going. Let's ride responsibly and come out of this pandemic closer and without gaining the COVID-19 (pounds from lack of exercise).

Enjoy a video I took of one of my Palmetto Bay Mayor - Family Bike Rides - this one from Earth Week (April 2017). This was a safe police escorted ride through some of our scenic highlights here in Palmetto Bay (the location in the video is the intersection of Ludlum Road and Coral Reef Drive. These were fun times!

Happy Bike month. I enjoy seeing everyone safely out and about in our community.

Keep that safe social distance!

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