Monday, May 11, 2020

Free Mangoes - available after of 10:00 AM, Monday, May 11, 2020.

New batch of homegrown Palmetto Bay mangoes are out and available. Free to good homes. 

Once again, I have placed mangoes out front for friends and neighbors to take their fair share - and, as always, the mangoes are FREE OF CHARGE. You are doing me a favor by taking the fruit I cannot use. I will try to keep the bin full, but this appears to be a light year. 

You need to supply your own bag, preferably a reuseable Palmetto Bay tote! The mangoes have been placed in their tote placed at the usual location in the front yard. Note that the bin is under video surveillance, so don't even think of taking the cart!

I also have fruit that is NOT suitable for human consumption, but some have asked for their tortoises and other pets who may not mind that a squirrel took a bite or that the fruit split upon landing - contact me at and we will make arraignments for those to take these fruit (these fruits are kept away from the mangoes that I am putting out) - no bad apples in this bunch.
Above - mango status at 10:00 AM.

Below - Mango stock remaining as of 12:30 PM, Monday, May 11. Social distancing has been maintained. I thank you all for helping me with our mangoes and do so in such a polite and neighborly manner.

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