Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Update on SW 136th Street Project – Miami-Dade County Info Sheet currently received at homes near 136th Street regarding the project. I am filling in details not provided in that document. Background and other resources.

This image of the 136th project information sheet was forwarded to me this afternoon (12-18-2019) by a FOSDU.

There is an official informational meeting for Palmetto Bay residents, but not until Tuesday, January 28th at 7 PM, at Village Hall, 9705 Hibiscus Street. This is less than three weeks before the final design for the MEGA sidewalk project, February 14, 2020.

Concerned residents need to attend this meeting in order to have any impact on this project.

This is a $1,900,000.00 project (anticipated) 

This info sheet also confirms that the Final Plan Date is February 14, 2020.

Why is the above information important? See PRIOR RELATED POSTS and other background information including:

I have uploaded (former) Item 10E from the February 4, 2019, agenda setting the scope (details) for this project. Note the differences between what was contained in the Staff Report (remember when those were made available to the public?) and the current MEGA sidewalk. This is a 31 page document relating to this issue I will be discussing at a later date. Please consider this part of your SW 136 Street Improvement 'tool box' for now. (CLICK HERE) to download and view.

The Joint Agreement with Miami-Dade County and Palmetto Bay - specifically resolution 2018-47.  And once again, please note - neither of these documents appear to be available online on the official Village of Palmetto Bay web site, but you can find it here as it is posted to my Googledrive. (CLICK HERE) to view this Miami-Dade County Memorandum of October 23, 2018 (17 pages). This County Memo includes Palmetto Bay Resolution 2017-47 (contained on the last two pages, at pages 17-18 of the 17 page document).

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  1. I was informed today 12/20/2019 by a PB council member that the latest revised plans reviewed last night show this will NOT be a mega-sidewalk. I was told it looks good and it sounds like our residence should approve of the look and usability of it. PB has invited me to look at the plans before our meeting in January. PB Deputy Director has promised me to also send a link with this updated that is nice. Maria Levrant Chief of Constituent Services out of Ms Cava's office has been extremely helpful with information pertaining to this project. Happy Holidays to all ! John Linabury