Friday, June 8, 2018

Thank you all for stepping up for Bruce and Dottie Barton. Here is yet another “It takes a Village” teamwork that benefits Palmetto Bay.

I am proud to post yet another example of our community being our brother's keeper and looking out for others.  "It Takes A Village" - another good news story. Thank you Beth Story for being a kind neighbor, stepping up and notifying the community as to what is happening.  Thank you EVERYONE.

There are far too many to mention by name and the long thread has gotten away from me, but I am trying to not leave people out.  Collen Heffernan brought dinner over to the Bartons. Carlos and Alison Baez stepped forward and volunteered to assist with any clean up.  Julia Cespedes and Cindy Hewitt with their pets. Alex and I (as have others,) have offered to run errands for them.  Erica Watts contacted Lifelong resident Al Nania who runs "lawns By Al" who brought his crew over to their home on Friday and put in some hard work.  This is not an endorsement, but a sincere thank you to Al Nania and crew for their contribution Friday, June 8, 2018 to help out Bruce and Dottie. Thank you Erica Watts for facilitating this effort.  Bruce told me that the yard was a month and a half overdue, much needed, much appreciated.

Bruce and Dottie Barton are true Palmetto Bay pioneers.  Longtime residents, unofficial historians and keeper of records, (see my post of March 13, 2017: March 13, 2017, Palmetto Bay History - photo records concerning the original Coral Reef Park - "Master Plan" and field/opening day program.). 

As I stated then, "I love Palmetto Bay History!" And we all love Bruce and Dottie Barton.  Many of us can still remember back when Dottie served as a Deputy Elections Clerk for Precinct 811, years back. I fondly recall when she knocked on my door the day after an election to return my Driver's License that I had carelessly left at the polling place.  She made daughter Katherine a beautiful knit scarf and cap in Gator colors in honor for her departing to UF.  Dottie and Bruce are true community icons.

Thank you Bruce and Dottie for all you both have done for all of us.  This is one way for all of us to for once return a favor.

We all wish the best for them.  I look forward to the next good news story of community action and being able to publicly thank fellow residents for being their brothers keeper!

See a prior post of May 6, 2018: Another example of "It takes a Village" Thank you for the community coming together with Police and Code to quickly resolve a situation. I publicly thanked John Betancourt of JLA PROPERTY MAINTENANCE, who stepped forward and provided valuable assistance for the benefit our community on that day.  John volunteered his know-how, strength and chainsaw in removing the tree before it became a problem as part of a team effort.  I also thanked Palmetto Bay Code officer Alan White, our MDPD/Village Policing Unit who secured the intersect and kept traffic safe and Bill Kestel for bringing this to our attention.

Keep up the great work.  Palmetto Bay should be proud.  Shining examples of being neighbors, looking out for each other. 

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

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