Monday, June 11, 2018

Getting you back home in the evening. Picking up the Palmetto Bay IBus Park & Ride - to head back to Holy Rosary St. Richard / Palmetto Bay

Residents can use our Palmetto Bay Park & Ride Express to get from Holy Rosary St Richard Church, to the metrorail. This is how we get them home in the afternoon rush hour.

The Palmetto Bay IBus picks up transfers from Metrorail (or even from surrounding businesses) at the general bus pick up / transfer area located to the east side of the station - between the Dadeland South station and Shorty's BBQ.  Look for the pick up spot for the 31  / 52 buses which aslo serves as the stop for the Palmetto Bay IBus - note the subtle stickers on the sign (2 stickers).

A very short video is posted below, detailing the pick up for return run. 

Our goal is to enhance your ability to take public transit and bypass the congestion of US1.

Please keep me up to date on your experience as well as ideas to improve the system.

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

6/14/2018 update on the pick up schedule:
Updated afternoon schedule - as posted on the Village website (CLICK HERE).
Monday - Friday

4:00 pm - first pick-up @ Dadeland South Metrorail Station
4:20 pm
4:50 pm
5:10 pm
5:40 pm
6:00 pm
6:40 pm

7:00 pm - last pick-up @ Dadeland South Metrorail Station

Random photos from the 6/11 kick off:

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