Monday, March 13, 2017

Palmetto Bay History - photo records concerning the original Coral Reef Park - "Master Plan" and field/opening day program.

I love Palmetto Bay History!

I got the jump on the leg work when Bruce & Dottie Barton called me to advise that they have pictures and other memorabilia ready for me to pick up and preserve.  Great stuff.  I am posting photos of the documents and photos received. 
March 13, 2017: I had the privilege of reviewing these memories with Palmetto Bay pioneers Bruce & Dottie Barton. Dottie was one of the catalysts who fought hard to make Coral Reef Park a reality - one of the community gathering spots that serves as the heart of our community a place for children to play and adults to exercise - and to enjoy the protected natural areas.
 The documents include an original program for the dedication of Coral Reef Park, held Saturday, September 15, 1979.

And now, the big documents - renderings of original concept/agreement for Coral Reef Park:

Finally - photos of the festivities of the day - the balloon launch.  Does anyone else have any such pictures documenting Palmetto Bay History?  Please send any photos or documents to me at or call me at (305) 302-3713 so we may discuss.  Thanks you!

Thank you Bruce & Dottie Barton - for your service to Palmetto Bay - pre and post incorporation.  Thank you for locating, copying and providing these photos.

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