Monday, March 27, 2017

I am looking forward to support for this Palmetto Bay Equal Pay resolution!

I am pleased to sponsor an equal pay resolution for Palmetto Bay - joining with Pinecrest and other local municipalities to take a leadership role in providing equal pay for equal work.

Palmetto Bay has a strong record of women in leadership positions.  Our diverse community has seen significant female leadership in the council positions of Mayor, Vice Mayor and council member posts. Women have held two Charter positions: Clerk and Village Attorney.  We have and have had women serve as department directors, including Planning, Public Services, Parks, Operations Commander of our Policing Unit and Communications.   

Please see my prior post of March 12, 2017: I was honored to recognize strong leadership in Palmetto Bay on International Woman's Day 2017 

I believe that Palmetto Bay, like Pinecrest, is worthy of commendation for its devotion and commitment, real action, not just words in order to achieve a diverse workplace, clear pay scales, well-developed job descriptions. And like Pinecrest, this resolution is by no means negative, but to spotlight our long-standing commitment to treat employees fairly and equally.  There is always room for improvement to counter longstanding societal biases that that subtly influence most organizations.

My goal is that this resolution passes the council with unanimous support and we continue to move forward to be the best village we can be for all our residents and employees!

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