Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time for village to settle with Palmer | Palmetto Bay - Litigation management. An important election issue

Time for village to settle with Palmer | Palmetto Bay
Click the link above to read Grant Miller, Publisher of the Palmetto Bay news, article.  Miller asks the important question: “Who will step forward to settle the Palmer Trinity issue, Palmetto Bay’s most divisive issue?”

It is election time and shouldn't litigation management be a key issue, especially for the current vice mayor, a licensed attorney who has managed litigation in Palmetto Bay more like a casino pit boss than a trained lawyer who should be looking out for the best interests of his clients, namely we the people. 

As Mr. Miller points out, “(t)he tactics of letting the courts make all the decisions have been devastating for Palmetto Bay.”  As well as “(w)ill 2013 be the year where a statesman (or woman) steps forward to show some leadership and bring an end to this black cloud overhanging the village?”

Now simply known as “the decision” the court published its opinion that the current Palmetto Bay Council (actually three of the five) acted either from “wishful thinking” or “more likely a willful disobedience” when the village council placed a 900-student limit on Palmer Trinity School after a lower court told the city, in effect, to allow up to 1,150 students.

Mr. Miller points out that word is out that all cases could have been settled. Perhaps he is taking in part of my prior blog post:  Update on Palmer litigation. The story of hubris and a very missed opportunity to settle from a position of strength (Monday, October 8, 2012)

I agree with Miller.  It is time for the electors of Palmetto Bay to stop rolling the dice and elect someone with some spine to take control over the endless litigation that is plaguing our community.  Miller is right, the residents and students are stuck in the middle, having no voice and worse, no ability to influence any change in ongoing lawsuits.

Don’t let the “wishful thinking” of Mayor Stanczyk and Vice Mayor Pariser continue as they roll ‘snake eyes’ at our expense.  “The politicians need to know that this is not about their egos. Lawsuits should be properly managed in the best interest of the residents.”


  1. I followed your tweet. Is Pariser capable? It is obvious. No.

  2. In their minds it is OK as they are not playing with their own money. They don't care about how they spend our money. They made a small fanatical group happy by being bullies, using tax dollars to fund a legal war of attrition (which, as you pointed out, they lost) and keep the remaining Palmetto Bay residents in the dark as to the true expense.

    It is a great deal for Mr. Pariser. He has an unlimited budget to bully up on a small private school. Can you imagine what would happen if Palmer did not have the support and resources that it has? They would simply get run over by the condo commandos. I would bet that none of Mr. Pariser’s private clients would allow him to continue to run up the fees and costs. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and remember that the litigation since 2010 has been over 250 students. That is right, the difference between 1,150 and 900 students. Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on 250 students.

    I ask all your readers how they would like to have property where you have the legal right to build out a two-story, 5,000 square foot home, but are restricted to one story and less than half of the square footage, and then have to go through 3 zoning hearings before a hostile council and hostile neighbors, go to court on 5 different occasions, and still get vilified the use of half-truths and outright lies by the antagonists, 2 of whom are sitting on the very council that sit in judgment of your zoning application?

    I realize fairness is not considered, but I still ask you, is that fair?