Monday, October 1, 2012

Deering Estate event – timely for Halloween – Do you know where the ghosts are?

Full details are available on the official Deering website.  This is a three-part series of tours where each month the Deering Staff  focus on different aspects of the paranormal investigations at the Deering Estate. Hey recommend that you experience all three! These are walking tours and if weather permits - we do go out on the natural trails. Please wear comfortable shoes, and bring a flashlight and mosquito repellant.
Tickets can be purchased in advance online for an additional fee or by calling the Deering Estate at Cutler Ticket Office (305) 235-1668, ext. 233. In order to ensure that guests have a more personal experience with the Estate and the investigators during each of the tours, space is limited and it is recommended that you purchase tickets in advance.

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  1. Come to a council meeting and speak out against Joan or Shelley if you really want a fright. The council will interrupt, their supporters will heckle you and they will even follow you to your car after the meeting.