Monday, October 29, 2012

No free Palmetto Bay Halloween events this year. Thankfully Pinecrest and Cutler Bay did not let the Halloween revelers down this year!

Pinecrest and Cutler Bay kept the tradition of providing free and safe Halloween events for its residents.  No so in Palmetto Bay.  It appears that kids have to “pay to play” in Palmetto Bay. Thank you for nothing this year current mayor and vice mayor.


The Village of Pinecrest has invited its residents to participate in a free evening on October 31, 2012, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM (Click here to view the event details).  Residents are encouraged to come out and enjoy "track" or treating in a safe and friendly atmosphere at Evelyn Greer Park. The Pinecrest Parks and Recreation Department, along with local businesses, will be passing out treats for everyone. All ghosts, goblins, witches, and friends are invited!  Children must be accompanied by an adult and bring their own bag for collecting candy.

Participation in this event is FREE


The town of Cutler Bay sponsored a Haunted House and "Track or Treat" held last Saturday, October 27th, from 6-9pm at Cutler Ridge Park.  (Event Flier) Those in attendance experienced “the terror” of the haunted house, the adventure of the spider egg hunt, the costume contest, great food, and the "Track or Treat" which took place around the walking path.


It is election time and it is a fair question to ask how family friendly the current Mayor and Vice Mayor are in providing quality and free community events.  Now at Halloween time, I find it disheartening to continue to see families shut out of the free Halloween festivities in Palmetto Bay.

As of close of business, Monday, October 29, 2012, there no announcement from Palmetto Bay’s PIO (or even by the current mayor, who apparently is far too busy campaigning at early voting for her charter change to extend her term of office) even to confirm that the traditional Pumpkin Patrol will take place on Wednesday, October 31 (Halloween).  This event has been a tradition from 2006 and continued at least up until October31, 2011.  Read one of the original stores relating to Palmetto Bay's "Pumpkin Patrol" (Page 3 of 8 of the .PDF). Palmetto Bay would have 3 times the normal police on duty to participate; cruising the neighborhoods, making frequent stops along the way to hand out candy and mix with participants.  The Pumpkin Patrol has certainly assisted in fewer tricks and more treats in Palmetto Bay.  

Are we all on our own this year, without the added police?  Perhaps the current Vice Mayor was hoping we wouldn’t notice yet another event cut from the yearly programming.  Perhaps there is still time to throw this event together.

Let’s hope that the village council is just a bit off its game and will be getting the news out that in fact there will be additional police patrols out to keep those participating in Halloween 2012 safe.

There will be NO family movie night for Halloween 2012.  In the past, families were treated to Movie Night under the stars which began in 2006, kicked off with the 1984 classic Ghostbusters.  With over 500 people in attendance, a blockbuster of attendance that continued up to 2010.  Families were treated with free movie nights at Halloween such as MonsterHouse (2010);  IGOR (2009).  The prior administration attempted to hold at least 3 free family movie nights each year.

Apparently, in 2012, instead of the traditional free community movie night, kids were encouraged to pay $20.00 per child to participate in Halloween-themed Tennis Play Day, Oct. 12. 

Unfortunately, in Palmetto Bay, it appears that you have to “pay to play.”

I hope everyone can see why I feel it is so important to replace the current vice mayor with Karyn Cunningham, for new, family-friendly leadership in Palmetto Bay.


  1. Does this mean we have to take our families to either Pinecrest or Cutler Bay to have any family events?

  2. It cannot be an age issue. Grandparents love their grandchildren. I do not understand why Palmetto Bay officials have turned their backs on the youth of Palmetto Bay.

  3. You are right gene. We get both the point and the urgency.

  4. It is sad. We really loved the movie nights. This kids loved them. The parents loved them. Older people came without kids and appeared to have a enjoyable time. So what is the problem? I guess the mayor and vice mayor only want everyone home and in bed by 9 PM. Maybe the movies were too loud for the neighbors.

  5. The Village may not be holding a free event but Old Cutler Presbyterian Church does every year. See for more information.

    1. And thank you for the holiday events that OCPC holds throughout the year