Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday winner of best early voting site - West Flagler Branch Library, 5050 West Flagler Street

Today's best bet for early voting, I was told, was West Flagler Branch Library, 5050 West Flagler Street

Several people told me they checked the elections department website and decided to spend the time driving rather than face the gauntlet of Palmetto Bay campaigners at the Coral Reef Library (reportedly a 4:00 wait time again today)

Several groups told me the same story, West Flagler Branch Library, 5050 West Flagler Street, took approximately 1 hour from arrival time in the parking lot to departure - that included actual time voting.  This was certainly a much shorter time than waiting at Coral Reef Library which is turning out to be the longest wait of the early voting sites in the South.  The coast was clear from Palmetto Bay campaigners as well.

At last check, the Elections Department site indicated a 1:00 hour wait.  Multiple people told me that the listed wait time was in the single digits for the West Flagler Location.  The County Hall location [Elections Dept. (Stephen P. Clark Center), 111 NW 1st Street] was also given honorable mention (take the Metrorail to vote).

Miami-Dade County - Elections - Early Voting Wait Times

Click the link above to check the official elections web site for updated information on the wait time.  You may find that you prefer to take a short drive to another location that may save you hours in line, plus you can avoid the gauntlet of campaigners at Coral Reef library.

Want to best avoid the gauntlet? If asked "do you live in Palmetto Bay (or where ever)" simply say "no". Smile at 'em after voting and tell 'em you voted for Karyn and Howard as well as against the power grabbing charter changes on the way out!

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