Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SDM at it again, hooking me on Palmetto Bay’ politics with an Animal House reference.

Being part of the Animal House/MTV generation, (today’s generation has moved far beyond MTV), I love a good Animal House reference to take an irreverent look at the current Palmetto Bay situation.  Really, ask yourself, “was it over when the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor? ….” Afterall, SDM might even agree, insofar as driving out the bad guys, … this situation requires a futile and really stupid gesture be done on someone’s part.  And those efforts are being done.  The Palmetto Bay Council almost seems too much like the turgid Omega house, with all its rules, controls and self-righteousness. 

WIll Brian Pariser and crew (the 3 out of the 5) kick neighborhood Churches and Schools out of Palmetto Bay with the Neighborhood Protection Ordinance?  Will Palmetto Bay voters take it laying down because Mayor Wormer Stanczyk dropped the "big one"?  Who will just lay around and who will get up and do something about it?


An upcoming Miami Herald report on the Palmetto Bay elections contains some interesting comments from the candidates. SDM can’t resist the urge to comment on a couple of them.

There is an offer in the second half of this post, Schaffer to Palmetto Bay Residents: Settle Down!  As SDM notes, Tim Schaffer did his best impression of Kevin Bacon in Animal House (Read SDM for the quote)

SDM claims it will pay $20 to anyone who has seen Kevin Bacon and Tim Schaffer in the same room.

I figured out the catch, not only do we have to catch Bacon and Schaffer in the same room, but we have to figure out who SDM is to collect.  Hey, SDM, why not make it $1,000?

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