Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Black Helicopters or tin hat society. SDM and I disagree ever so slightly

South Dade Matters is at it again. I think the message is getting out.  This is must read for those who try to have a responsible view of their community.  Read up on:

PB: Schaffer’s Black Helicopters
by SDM (CLICK HERE or headline above to view the entire article)

The Palmetto Bay News runs stories about the candidates for District 2 in its current edition. SDM reviewed the articles and couldn’t let them pass without a couple of snarky comments.

We are seeing a disturbing pattern in this election; of a one party system in Palmetto Bay.  Failure to walk this one party line will subject those dissidents to bully trashing. Loyalty requires drinking the kool aid of misinformation.
This is a must read column, both to the mindless conspiracy theories and misinformation continually spewed by the current mayor and her supporters, As SDM says, It’s the same argument made by village resident Chuck Latshaw in the Miami Herald. Go to PB: Rebutting Sycophancy – Act II for a thorough rebuttal of Latshaw’s tendentious letter.

I agree SDM, let's hear from Mr. Schaffer, a single instance of “intrusive development”? Are speaking of the expansion of a school? If so, does that mean you oppose private schools in Palmetto Bay?

My fellow residents, it is time that Palmetto Bay voters reject the SOPs campaign of misinformation and fear-mongering. ... so stop running around claiming everyone who disagrees with the Three Amigos is some kind of alien.

I agree with SDM and SDM Says: When a candidate can’t run on his record or his ideas, his only resort is to trash his opponents.

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