Friday, May 24, 2019

Update - offending item finally removed. What is up with the eyesores? Is there a permit? This really sets a bad precedent for our parks.

2:30 PM Update.  The advertisement sunshade and hand scribbled advertisement have been removed. Thank you! 

It is my opinion that this demonstrates that the item never should have been allowed in the first place. Why was it allowed and why did it take this blog post and social media promotion to get it removed? This is an excellent illustration of the readership of this blog and social media. It is my opinion that a positive result was obtained for this village.  I ask FOSDU (friends of South Dade Updates) to continue to keep me up to date, such as the updated pictures and I will continue to advocate for government lite and a positive Palmetto Bay. Here are the 'after' photos taken sometime after 2:00 PM, Friday, 5/24/2019:
(Current park condition pictured above with the sunshade / tent removed). Who does not agree with me, that Coral Reef Park appears much nicer for this Holiday Weekend?

The sunshade tent has been observed at the Southeast corner of Coral Reef Park for the last few days. Is this how our parks will be maintained? I am a proponent of uniform rules, that no one group gets treated any differently, so I wonder if this will be the new method of advertising activities in our parks - stand alone, unattended shades and hand scribbled signs. 

I have questions on this boot camp:

  • Who is going to be providing this service? Are they insured/are we indemnified?
  • Was it properly bid out? 
  • Did our local boot camps have an opportunity to bid on this service? 
  • Will this add revenue to our parks, taking the burden of non-users or is this more money collected from residents to flow out of our village boundaries?

We don't want to be Coral Gables, and these photos shows that Palmetto Bay will never be mistaken for "The City Beautiful", at least under this current administration. 

The 'new way' appears to have started at the beginning of 2019 with the unattended (and unpermitted) sheds left out front of Village Hall and now stored at Palmetto Bay Park for all to enjoy (CLICK HERE to view the 'Red Shed' related posts).

Street by street? Hardly. This is all a political game of distraction while no one is watching the big issues. 2019 has seen a mid budget year park user fee increase (increased fees/taxes), dodging code rewrites and increased employees and recurring expenses in the face of a reduction in revenue.
The term "bread and circuses" comes to mind - and the 'circus big top' appears to be standing in Coral Reef Park.

Let's hope that this unattended 10'x 10' advertisement comes down by Tuesday. I cannot find where this structure is permitted in our Village code, especially as it relates to Park Regulations.