Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FAQ - Accommodations in the Plastic Straw ordinance for ADA/Medical necessity - other exemptions.

FAQ. Presenting the facts, responding to rumor and incorrect information.

CLICK HERE to read the actual proposed Ordinance as written and submitted by Palmetto Bay Council Member David Singer. This ordinance passed 5-0 on first reading held at the zoning hearing of Monday, May 20, 2019. It will be set for second reading and (hopefully) final adoption on an upcoming council meeting agenda.

This is a well-crafted ordinance prepared by Council Member Singer. It follows the ADA. Please note that your concerns are misplaced, many medical needs are not for plastic, but for ‘flexy’ straws which are plastic, but are not offered at many restaurants, even upon request. Most who need them, carry them. 

Please look at the ordinance, page 3 of 5, lines 7-20.
In any event, I have posted the exceptions below:

b. Exceptions.
1. This prohibition shall not apply to pre-packaged drinks sold at commercial establishments.
2. This prohibition shall not apply to medical or dental facilities.
3. This prohibition shall not apply to the school district or county, state, or federal governmental entities.
4. This prohibition shall not apply where a reasonable accommodation is needed for an individual due to a medical or physical condition.
               (all emphasis added)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This ordinance does not outlaw the sale of Capri Sun or other commercially sold drinks that attach the straws. It does not prevent those in need from having them. 

But yes, when plastic straws are outlawed, only outlaws will have plastic straws.  

I can envision people driving across municipal boundaries to places where plastic straws are sold, much like people do for fireworks or cheap prescription drugs (ok, I had a little fun there).

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