Sunday, May 5, 2019

What did our local leaders ask for in Tallahassee? Follow up to requests for specific information. The legislative asks from the 3 local municipalities submitted for consideration in the 2019-2020 budget

My Saturday blog post sparked some serious discussion. I have received many requests for follow ups on the Legislative Requests from Palmetto Bay and other localities. The questions have been for how much money was sought and for what specific projects (I listed money received locally). Note that Cutler Bay is still in the hunt to receive $300,000 for the Cutler Bay-Drainage Improvement Cutler Ridge Section 3 (HB 3769)

I only went back to compile the neighbors to the North and South of Palmetto Bay. Here is the list of requests, starting north in Pinecrest and moving south to Cutler Bay.

$1,500,000  HB 3765 - Pinecrest Waterline Extension Project
$   300,000  HB 4075 - Village of Pinecrest - Pinecrest Gardens ADA Accessibility Upgrades

$1,800,000 in requests
     ZERO    in budget for Governor's consideration

Palmetto Bay
$  745,900  HB 3763 - Palmetto Bay Multimodal Transit Station                     
$  745,900  HB 4081 - Palmetto Bay Nature Education Center
$  299,000  HB 4069 - Palmetto Bay Drainage Sub-Basin #61 Construction

$1,790,800 in requests
     ZERO    in budget for Governor's consideration

Cutler Bay
$  300,000  HB 3769 - Cutler Bay-Drainage Improvement Cutler Ridge Section 3
$  200,000  HB 3761 - Cutler Bay-Wetland Observation Tower
$  175,000  HB 3759 - Town of Cutler Bay Small Business Incubator

$  675,800 in requests
$  300,000 in budget for Governor's consideration


May 4, 2019, Legislative asks - Legislature completes budget. Now waiting for Gov DeSantis' line item veto. 2019 score card.

April 26, 2019, Details on the Palmetto Bay requests: Transparency - is the Palmetto Bay Council placing the cart before the horse or is the fix in on the multimodal?

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  1. We got nothing and we had to pay for their Tallahassee trips to get nothing.