Wednesday, May 22, 2019

POD - historical artifacts are accessible to visitors at the Deering Estate. Look what I saw recently (just for fun)

Just for fun.

Were you aware of just how important the Deering Estate is to our history? There are many historical artifacts that can be found at the Deering Estate. Some items of historical relevance remain on site.

Per the official website, the Deering Estate is home to the Cutler Fossil Site, the oldest site of Paleo human presence south of Lake Okeechobee.

The Tequesta Native Americans (ca. 3rd century BCE to mid-18th century), known as the Biscayne Bay people, left behind shell tools that have been discovered onsite, including Horse Conch hammers and cutting edge tools, Queen Conch celts, drills and awls, and Lightning Welk dippers.

Of course, items of more recent vintage can be found and remain on site, items from the Charles Deering years - and later.  

I have posted a photo (left) of an ancient device once found throughout the world, seemingly posted on every corner of every commercial street and throughout any public building. Pay phones have all but disappeared  in recent time, its existence seemingly unknown to our younger generations. 

A fine example of the pay phone era remains on display at the visitor center and is rumored to actually work if you have coins used to operate this device. I wonder who last used this device. 

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