Friday, March 8, 2019

Update on the wild MEGA red shed placed at Village Hall. Does it make the first impression we want visitors to have of our Palmetto Bay?

I personally viewed the MEGA red shed when I visited Village Hall on Thursday, March 7, 2019, for a bid opening. It is bigger than I remember it when it was used as "Santa's Workshop" for the December 2018 holiday event.  

Here are some updated closeup photos obtained on my 3/7/2019 visit for you to judge the example Palmetto Bay officials are setting for the neighborhood: 
The shed does appear to be securely locked via padlock.
But is this temporary building securely tied down per code?
I disagree with any village official who believes that this shed matches the general architectural style of our municipal center. Both the style (barn) as well as the red color  clash with both the design and color scheme of village hall.


1. Does placement of this mega shed present a proper first impression regarding Palmetto Bay to visitors to our municipal center? 

ANSWER: No. Of course not. 

2. How quickly would the village cite a homeowner for a code violation if the homeowner similarly placed an unsecured mega shed in their front yard? 

ANSWER: My best guess: within hours after it is noticed.

So I ask again, "what gives, is this permanent as in storage for the village or is this shed a permanent structure to be opened and used for various holiday events." Is this (temporary?) building waiting for the Easter Bunny. Perhaps the building is currently home to a leprechaun using this shed to hide his gold! (I don't think the padlock will foil any leprechaun!).

RELEVANT PRIOR POST: This is in follow up to my prior post of March 5, 2019, Photo of the Day - cleaning up after the party. Is this shed permitted, inspected and placed properly on Village of Palmetto Bay property, pursuant to Village Code? Is Palmetto Bay holding this spot for the Easter Bunny?

I am still waiting to hear back on my records requests. Until then, who knows what if anything this mega red shed is being used for. 

The Village must set an example. It is a rule maker, therefore Village Officials should not be rule breakers.  

I, therefore, suggest that this Village operate (in the spirit of Government lite) under this golden rule for Palmetto Bay: 

“enforce unto others 
as you would have them enforce unto you”

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