Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Photo of the Day - cleaning up after the party. Is this shed permitted, inspected and placed properly on Village of Palmetto Bay property, pursuant to Village Code? Is Palmetto Bay holding this spot for the Easter Bunny?

Photo of the day - sent to me by a friend of this blog.
Waiting on the Easter Bunny?

You may not have occasion to travel to Village Hall or were even noticed it when you drive by, but some are taking notice of a red shed that has been sitting out front of the main / visitor entrance to Village Hall since December of last year. What is it and why has it still there in March of 2019? 

The pictures below tell part of the story. It was originally put in place for the Holiday celebration held in December of 2018 (see photo below). The questions arise due to the fact that this shed remains despite the fact that the other props; holiday displays, lighting, the stage and Christmas Tree have been removed.

So what gives, is this permanent as in storage for the village or is this shed a permanent structure to be opened and used for various holiday events. I have posted a photo a bit tongue in cheek (upper right), posing the question as to whether this building is waiting for the Easter Bunny. Perhaps the building is currently home to a leprechaun using this shed to hide his gold!

I do not have the answers, so I post these valid questions I received: Should the Village set a better example for the village? Is the village violating its own code by having a shed placed in the front of the building? Was this shed permitted and inspected? The shed was set up in December 2018, and it remains standing as of Tuesday, March 5, 2019. Can we expect that this structure will be removed by Easter or will the Easter Bunny be setting up shop, making an appearance in what was formerly Santa's Workshop?

 Above - Red shed used as Santa's Workshop, December 2018

Above - same shed as it remains in front of Village Hall as of March 5, 2019

I have made a public records request for the permit and inspection records relating to this shed. Look for an update that I will post when I receive the information.

FYI - Here is the link to the online public records request form (CLICK HERE).

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