Monday, March 11, 2019

Bottle Bill? An idea that is long overdue. Our local governments should get on board and support the legislature's efforts by formal action in support of HB 853 & SB 672 - companion bills known as the Beverage Container Deposits bills

HB 853 & SB 672: Beverage Container Deposits - Long overdue for enactment, and currently pending in the Florida Legislature. Now is the time to act!

Which municipalities will step forward and support and not worry about whether it was "their" idea? Protecting our environment is a collaborative effort; a responsibility that should be burdened by everyone as Florida is made up of many different local governments. There are 412 municipalities, distributed within 67 counties. Note that Jacksonville has a unique consolidated city–county government in the state, so there is no Duval County government. While some municipalities do, and some don't - our environment is more than a single locality. It is local, County, regional, State, National and global - well - you get the picture.

The local governments of Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay, etc., et. al. as well as our County government should jump on board and support this pending State legislation to return Florida to the list of States that charge (and return) 
And note - The New York State Returnable Container Act, also known as the "Bottle Bill", has reported tremendous success. Here is a link (CLICK HERE) where the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation reports that since its passage, the Bottle Bill has achieved significant impacts to create a cleaner and healthier New York. The Bottle Bill:

  • reduces roadside container litter by 70 percent and
  • in 2016 helped to recycle 5.1 billion plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers totaling more than 336,000 tons; at no cost to local governments.
Read on as there is a summary of the amendments is available on the 2013 Amendments to New York State's Bottle Bill webpage, and includes important information about new requirements for deposit initiators, dealers, redemption centers, and redeemers.
The Florida House and Senate bills represent a "one and done" Statewide law, no worries about whether your incorporated or unincorporated area is pro-recycling. Please support as well as work to improve the bills where you see a need for improvement. These bills may be subject to amendment, if they move forward at all. This is where we, the grassroots citizens, as well as our local governments, can all work together to make positive things happen for our environment.

Read More: Full info posted below:

See online article: 'Bottle Bill' could bring container deposits to Florida to encourage recycling: 'Bottle Bill' could bring container deposits to Florida to encourage recycling

House version:

HB 853: Beverage Container Deposits

Beverage Container Deposits; Requires consumers & dealers to pay deposit fees for specified beverage containers; provides for redemption of beverage containers & refund of deposit fees; directs DEP to adopt rules; authorizes DEP to conduct certain audits; requires certain notice & provides civil penalties; prohibits local governments from imposing fees for same or similar purpose.
Effective Date: upon becoming a law 
Last Action: 3/5/2019 House - Introduced -HJ 89
Bill Text: PDF 

Senate Version:

SB 672: Beverage Container Deposits

Effective Date: Upon becoming a law 

Beverage Container Deposits; Citing this act as the "Florida Beverage Container Deposit Act";
establishing a refund value for specified beverage containers; requiring dealers and consumers in
this state to pay a deposit fee for specified beverage containers; prohibiting the establishment or
operation of a redemption center unless it is registered with the Department of Environmental
Protection, etc.
Last Action: 3/5/2019 Senate - Introduced -SJ 82
Bill Text: Web Page | PDF 

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