Thursday, March 7, 2019

Palmetto Bay downtown update. 2 bids received by deadline relating to Mixed-Use Downtown Development

Update on the unsolicited bid opening held Monday, March 7, 2019.

The bids were opened at 3:01 PM, after the 3:00 PM deadline expired for submission of bids.

Two bids were received and both opened in the presence of Village Officials (and one member of the public other than myself, the other member of the public having an ownership interest in one of the properties involved in this bid - note - she is not a bidder).

The bids were unsealed by Palmetto Bay Village Clerk Missy Arocha, Melissa Dodge, Administrative Assistant to our Village Clerk and Litsy Pittser, Palmetto Bay Procurement Specialist

One bid is submitted from NAI Miami. 

The second by I3 Investments, LLC.

Additional process remaining:

The bids are still technically not public. The bids are now in the hands of Litsy Pittser, Palmetto Bay Procurement Specialist, to confirm the responsiveness of the bids. The bids deemed responsive will be presented to a committee to review and be scored.  Once scored, the process moves onto the Village Manager.

The committee review may be performed in view of the public, but there will not be public comment regarding the bids.  


The entire bid process remains under the "cone of silence" until such time as the manager renders his recommendation. In general, communication is prohibited between the bidder / vendor and members of the Village Council or Village staff. The cone is lifted when the Village Manager provides his written recommendation of selection to the Village Council.

I will continue to keep everyone up to date. 

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