Thursday, March 7, 2019

Today is the day 3:00 PM – unsolicited bids submissions relating to Mixed-Use Downtown Development for the Village of Palmetto Bay will be opened/unsealed today

Zero hour is 3:00 PM today, Thursday, 3/7/2019. 

We will see what various bidders envision for the Palmetto Bay Downtown area, including the adjacent Palmetto Bay Municipal Center parking lot (which is a targeted site for proposed multi-modal mixed use garages - phase II of the municipal center).  

This could be positive news as perhaps this was done at request of a qualified company that is serious about putting in a bid on UP No. 1819-00-002 for a project that will make Palmetto Bay proud. We will also be able to examine whether there were any negotiations that occurred behind the scenes that led to project plans are being modified and resubmitted or submitted by other bidders with additional information.

Personally, I look forward to the opening of the proposals. This process has generated significant rumors among current village insiders and the result has even triggered attempts to modify how Palmetto Bay manages unsolicited bids.  CLICK HERE to view prior posts relating to this Unsolicited Bid Proposal as well as background information relating to Unsolicited Bid procedure.

I have no further information other than what has been contained in this legal notice and updates  published by the Village of Palmetto Bay Clerk - all legal/official communication is per statute/village code and as specified by the village, including that information as provided by the Village Clerk, see generally or CLICK HERE to view the pending proposals page.

The curtain is pulled back at 3:00 PM today for all to see. Will anyone be attending?

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